Jan. 12th, 2008

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Phoebe had been very good and stayed inside and rested all day like she figured the guys would want her to. They hadn't been really happy with her being out so late last night and then coming home wet like she had. So, today she had stayed inside. She had read for awhile and then made lots of notes and lists for the shop. Having Lana offer her the money to make this happen had lifted a heavy stress off of her mind -- as had Lana's agreement to be a silent partner. She had wanted to make sure that her friend knew that she wanted her involved or she wanted her to let her pay her back any money she put into the store.

Phoebe was in a peaceful and content mood. Piper was close by, as were Marie and Lana. Piper was right next door and she and Piper could move between the two houses as they willed. Dean was a phone call away, and she knew that Jack was, as well, if she needed anything. She wasn't sure when she had began trusting him -- but she had. It was probably after she had killed him and he hadn't tried to hurt her after he came back to life. James and Aziraphale were close by -- and she was so very happy to be living near her big brothers again.

Best of all, she was in her own home with Cole and Anders. They had gotten Cole back and had not only saved him... but he still loved and wanted them... wanted her. It had been something she had been a little worried about since seeing the vision of what he had been made to believe she had done to him. However, the love and the bond they had always shared had clicked into place again... and here they were.

Every so often, she would stop what she was writing or reading to merely listen to the sounds of Cole and Anders moving around the house. She was aware of Anders going out later in the evening -- and that had her curious, but she could feel that Cole was still in the house with her. That made her smile -- and she had to fight the urge to call out to him and as him to come snuggle in the bed with her. It wasn't fair to be clingy at him, after all.

She lay back in the bed and picked up her book again.

[[For the husband, boyfriend, sister or anyone who might need to see her.]]
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Phoebe wasn't sure what was bothering her, but she had woken up earlier than normal for a Saturday morning.

Feeling too restless and unsettled to stay in bed, Phoebe slipped quietly out of bed without waking up Cole or Anders and got dressed. Then she headed downstairs.

She made a pot of tea and took a cup into the living room, where -- for some reason -- she made a fire in the fireplace.

Tucking her feet beneath her on the couch, Phoebe sat there with her tea, staring into the fire.

[[OOC: Mostly for the older sister, but open to the husband, boyfriend, younger sister, or anyone else who might have reason to visit.]]
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Phoebe had found what she thought was the perfect building for her shop. However, she had stayed there too late and now found herself hurrying down the road to get to work.

Yes, it was dark, and yes she had her cellphone, but she didn't want to call Cole and worry him over being in an empty building for so long.

She was going to be late for work.

[[OOC: For him that knows whom he is.]]


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