Jan. 13th, 2008

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Phoebe had been in the master bedroom writing the finishing touches on the spell she had written to bind her, Cole and Anders together. She was confident that it would work since she had spent quite a bit of time refining the spell she had done back in high school. Thankfully, this spell wouldn't have that kind of side effects.

Something disturbed her and she looked up from her notebook, cocking her head to listen.

It sounded like there was someone doing something in the attic.

Curious, she got up from the bed, pulling her robe on. She stepped out into the hall, looking up the stairs to the attic.

"Cole? Anders? You guys up there?"

When she received no answer, she headed up the stairs and into the attic. "Guys?"

No one was up here and as she turned around, she suddenly felt a hand go around her throat and shove her into the wall. She whimpered once and then felt someone pressing a body against her. She registered that there was no one there as she felt the strap of her top go down her shoulder and then she felt a hand running up her leg beneath her shorts. Her eyes widened at what she felt next, and then she passed out, dropping to the floor--taking the lamp with her.

[[OOC: For Cole and Anders. NFB, please.]]


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