Jan. 24th, 2008

sleepswthdemons: (PMP Seduction Attack Strangle)
Phoebe was walking down the stairs from the attic to the bedroom when the weirdness started happening again.

She was halfway down the stairs when she felt a small set of hands in the middle of her back and was pushed. Phoebe cried out as she found herself tumbling down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, she lay dazed for a few moments.  She got to her feet slowly and looked up to see if she could sense anything on the stairs.  There was nothing. She seemed to be okay, but she would be sore and bruised tomorrow.

Shaking her head, and trying to calm down from the surge of the fear she felt, she turned to go into the bedroom when she felt herself picked up and thrown into a wall. Her head slammed back and then she found herself being pinned to the wall by her throat.

"Cole!" she managed to scream before the squeezing around her throat started.  "Ande--"

She started clawing at the area around her throat, trying to break free of whatever was constricting her breathing.  In a panic, she slammed her head back against the wall, hoping to interrupt what was happening, but the squeezing didn't stop. She felt herself being lifted up and pinned to the wall as darkness started hovering at the edge of her vision.

[[For the husband and the boyfriend. NFB, please. ;) ]]


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