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After not a lot of sleep due to the party the night before and spending most of today cleaning up, Phoebe had thought she would get a peaceful night's sleep. The twins were settled in and tonight she was curled up in between her men. You would think that would guarantee her a very nice night of sleep.

Phoebe wasn't sure how much timed had passed, but she and Cole were at the hospital. A few of their friends were with them, and from the looks on their faces and the emotions she was feeling, it was bad. Anders was in surgery, and none of the doctors would tell them what was going on. They kept muttering useless things about it being too soon to tell.

She started to reach for Cole - needing the comfort -- and then she gasped, her head whipping to stare down the hall.

"No," she whimpered. Not giving her husband a chance to stop her, she started to run down the hall and crashed through the double doors. She heard shouts behind her, but she ignored them, hitting another door with such force it bounced against the wall.

"No," she said again.

There was so much blood and Anders was so still on the table. The doctors that had been working on him were talking about no brain activity even though they had gotten the bullet out. Her ears heard the machines, but it was that other sense that was screaming at her.

There was nothing there. He was gone.

It was that absence in her mind and in her heart that caused Phoebe to start screaming hysterically.

Those same screams made their way out of the nightmare as Phoebe sat upright in bed, still screaming as tears ran down her face.

[[OOC: What? You think that after the last few weeks of BSG that Phoebe wouldn't have some sort of nightmare like the guys did?]]
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