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She wasn't sure what had woken up, but once she was awake, she was aware that something was very wrong.

She was looking at Seraphim and Valkyrie when she felt strong emotions coming at her through the spell bond.

She pulled herself up and turned on the bedside lamp. Cole was asleep next to her but... where was Anders? Why wasn't he in bed with them?

She looked at the cats.

"Where is he?" She whispered.

-Not here- Seraphim said after a moment.

-He left- Valkyrie added.

"Left?" Phoebe was starting to panic when she felt those emotions coming at her again. She shook Cole. "Cole. Anders is gone." She was trying to bite back the worry, but knew she wouldn't be able to hide it from him. "Cole, please wake up."

[[OOC: For the husband and boyfriend]]

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Jun. 18th, 2008 05:31 am
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Home sick.

Tags slow or non-existent

Kill me, yes?
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Class didn't go up because I couldn't connect to anything but e-mail at work and then was sent home sick today.
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Phoebe... had coffee.

A package from Gevalia had been delivered today and she was happy to find an package of Amaretto and a package of Chocolate Raspberry.

After making sure the boys were occupied with the nursery or something else, she made her way into the kitchen and fired up the coffee maker.

Coffee coffee coffee!

"Come on come on," she muttered to the coffee maker. "Hurry up."

[[OOC: For the boys, but open to anyone who wants to catch the coffee bandit with stuff she's not supposed to have. :)]]
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After getting up and spending a great deal of time scrubbing the porch, Phoebe had made her way back up to the attic and was sitting on the window seat.

Her handwaved appointment with Dr. Cuddy had given her a great deal to think about.

She wondered how the guys were going to take the news.

[[OOC: For the boyfriend and the husband]]
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Phoebe had been making tea when it happened. (Tea because for some reason the boys didn't think she should be drinking coffee and alcohol was right out.) She had picked up the kettle to pour the hot water when she felt the premonition come on. She tensed with a jerk -- not even noticing when she dropped the kettle, splashing hot water on her hands and knocking the cup to shatter on the floor.

Sometimes She Hated This )

[[OOC: For the husband and boyfriend. That Phoebe had a premonition is okay for broadcast. Conversation about the premonition and what it was...NFB]]
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Phoebe was curled up in one of the chairs in the master bedroom. She was reading -- or pretending to read -- but her mind kept going back over the worries that Anders was having about the music he was hearing. She was concerned about him and how worried he was about losing her and Cole over whatever the music might mean.

She turned a page in the book, only to sigh and shake her head.

She needed to talk to Cole.

[[OOC: For the husband... NWS]]
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After visiting Dean at the clinic, Phoebe had come home. Her mood was kind of down and she was sitting on the couch staring into the cup of tea she had made.

Could things get any more messed up than they had been?

[[OOC: Mostly for the sister, but also open]]
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Phoebe was reading on the porch swing of 44 Blueberry Hill. It was nice outside, so she was enjoying being out of doors -- even though she had a blanket laying on the swing next to her. Cole and Anders didn't want her to get cold and she had promised she would keep one with her. She thought it was sweet that they were being a little over-protective, though she was sure they'd stop doing that before too long. But she really should know better.

She turned another page in the book and leaned back against the back of the swing.

[[OOC: Is open.]]
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It was a nice day and Phoebe had climbed the large tree in the front yard. She was about halfway up the tree, reclining with her back against the tree trunk. She was stretched out along the limb and looked both comfortable and precarious.

Why had she climbed the tree?

Because she was struck with the sudden urge to do so.

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Phoebe was sitting on the bed of the larger of the three extra bedrooms in the house.

She also had a notebook with her that she was jotting notes down on.

She knew the boys were all excited about turning one of the bedrooms into a nursery and she had decided she wanted this one to be the nursery. It was a large room -- and it was right next to their bedroom. It also helped that the room was large enough to fit any amount of baby stuff in -- she knew her husband and boyfriend very well -- and so could the current bed. After all, there would probably be some nights that the baby wouldn't sleep and she'd to be with her without waking up the guys.

She had to admit that she was feeling a lot better about things now that the guys knew about the baby. It didn't stop her from worrying, but it had made her a little more relaxed.

Of course, the notebook might call into question her relaxation since she had started making notes on things that needed to happen weekly and monthly before the baby arrived.

[[OOC: Is indeed open for the Daddies To Be]]
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Phoebe had a lot on her mind and not a lot of thoughts on how to deal with it.

She knew the guys were concerned and she really hated lying to them, but she didn't know how to get past her fears and worries to just tell them what the doctor had found out about why she had been ill off and on. She was really worried they would feel that it was too soon...

Looking out the window, Phoebe saw that Veronica had gotten home from teaching her class.

She needed someone to talk to and Veronica was one of her best friends.

That would be why she was now crossing the street to knock on Veronica's door.


Apr. 13th, 2008 06:48 pm
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To anyone I was supposed to be doing thigs with today, I apologize for not being around.

I have been in bed all day with a very vicious migraine.
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Phoebe was sitting on the couch wrapped up in a blanket with tea. She had ben sick and throwing up most of the day, and tea seemed to be the only thing that eased her stomach.

She needed to figure out was what wrong with her and stop the guys from feeling it so strongly, too. If she couldn't stop whatever it was, she would remove the soul bond for a little while. After all, maybe it was having the same effect like the one back in high school had.

She took a sip of her tea and leaned her head back.

"This headache can go away anytime now..."

[[OOC: Expecting a visitor, bit as always, is open.]]
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Phoebe was in the Master Bathroom upstairs being very sick.

She was currently laying on the tile because it felt cool on her head. This plus the way her emotions were running was not a good thing.

This was brought into her mind as she started getting sick again, and also started crying.

This could not bode well for the other residents of 44 Blueberry Hill.

[[OOC: Open for the boys and then later for anyone would come to visit or look for Phoebe]]
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Phoebe was in a mood... and she was hard-pressed to figure out what exactly her mood was.

She kept going back and forth between being angry and being near tears. The mood didn't make sense to her, but she thought it might have something to do with the fact that she wasn't able to sleep lately - or that both of her brothers were gone again. In fact, as soon as the boys were asleep, she would creep downstairs and make tea and read or something... and make sure she was back in bed an hour or two before they woke up for the day. Of course, she wasn't sure how much longer she was going to be able to keep this up -- and hide her bouts of insomnia from them.

Currently, part of her not happy mood had to do with last night's news broadcast. She couldn't believe they had done it again.

That would be why she was sitting on the couch -- perhaps with a glass of something stronger than tea -- waiting for her husband and her boyfriend.
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I have a migraine that is getting worse and very little vision in my right eye. :(

Thus, I haven't posted Crystal Fox or the Coven...

If they are needed, please let me know and I'll put them up, but for right now I am curled in a ball on my bed.


ETA: Damn it, damn it, damn it.

I will try to post Evie's class later for much SP Goodness.

Again, sorry I'm dumb today.
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It had been a long weekend with the mass chaos and the attacks. She was sore and bruised and there was too much on her mind.

She had gone up to the attic after dinner and soon found herself turning pages in one of the photo albums.

She hadn't even realized she was crying until her vision became so blurred that she couldn't see what she was looking at.

"We got him, Prue," she whispered as the photo album slid to the floor. "We got him for you."

[[OOC: For [ profile] holdingontolove and [ profile] beenthroughthat]]
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Phoebe hadn't planned to be out and about tonight, but after the premonition she had just had of Paige getting attacked by an old enemy, she was running into the house next door.

"Piper!" She called out. "Piper, where are you?!"

There might have been the slightest touch of hysteria in Phoebe's voice.


They could not deal with this again. They really could not.

[[OOC: For those that know who they are]]
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In a very rare change of pace, Phoebe was out on the front porch of her home.

She was annoyed.

No, she was more than annoyed. She was flat out angry and getting angrier.

In one hand, was a cigarrette. In the other, a jar of dust that Ianto had dropped off with her. On her lap was a notebook of what she had managed to find from the dust.

Someone had messed with her friend and Phoebe had managed to pull heself out of her depression and fear to get pretty angry.

Now, she was waiting for Piper so she could tel her what she had found and see what she thought their next step should be.

[[OOC: Mostly for the sister, but open to the men she loves and anyone else who might be coming to see her as well. Will go into SP as the meds take effect.]]


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