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Name:Phoebe Halliwell
Birthdate:Oct 11
Website:Phoebe's Voice Mail
Phoebe Halliwell-Turner

Character: Phoebe Halliwell
Occupation: Teaches Demonology on Mondays and owns the Crystal Fox. She also currently works Saturdays at All Souls
Residence: 44 Blueberry Hill with Cole Turner (holdingontolove) and Sam Anders (beenthroughthat)
Point In Canon Character Is From: Ten years post fandom_high. During those years, Phoebe also went through Season Four show canon with some things tweaked a bit to our liking.

Post-FH, Phoebe and Cole Turner were married and were very happy. However circumstances happened that caused Cole to become infected with the Source again while being convinced that it was the only way to protect Phoebe and their child that she carried. Once again, she was forced to help vanquish the man she loved, only this time, when she went to the Wastelands to rescue him, she couldn't find him. Shortly afterwards, she also loses their child. Since before all of this happened, they had lost Anders, she also lost her beloved Grams, and then more recently, her eldest sister Prue, she became depressed and despondent. Spiralling downward, she wrote a friend "...I don't know how to go through this again..." who convinced her to come to Milieux for a fresh start.

Once there, she runs into Anders and finds out that he had lost them and they started getting close again. Cole came back after being a captive in the Underworld and tortured. Believing that Phoebe had betrayed him, insane Cole started stalking her and even came close to killing her. Her big brother, Aziraphale, managed to save her, and she and Anders worked together to get Cole back to them and healed from what had happened to him -- and convince him how much they loved him and needed him with them.

Accompanying NPC: Two cats : Seraphim and Valkyrie
Give a brief description of the NPC: Seraphim is a large black male cat, and Valkyrie is a large white female cat. They can talk to those they choose to talk to, but usually it is just to Phoebe or those she is close enough to that she trusts. They always seem to know what's going on, but seldom volunteer the information unless they think it is important that they do so. When they were given to Phoebe as gifts in high school, she was told that they were not your normal cats, but she really still has no idea what that means. As far as she is aware of, they have no magical powers except that they always seem to be where Phoebe needs their company most... and they are fiercely protective. Locked rooms? Not a problem for them.

Business Location and Employees: 13 Park Way
--Sunday - Mina
--Monday - Mina // Phoebe
--Tuesday - Patty
--Wednesday - Donna
--Thursday - Seifer
--Friday - Cassie
--Saturday - Phoebe

Important Relationships:

Piper Halliwell - snarky_witch - Big sister
Cole Turner - holdingontolove - Husband
Samuel Anders - beenthroughthat - Boyfriend
Paige Matthews - angelandwitch - Little sister
Veronica Mars - notabondgirl - Best friend
Lana Lang - dark_innocence - Best Friend
Dean Winchester - givemethehunt - Friend and confidant

Phoebe Halliwell at WikiPhoebe at MilieuxMilieuxlink thisProfile Code

DISCLAIMER: This is for PRETENDY FUN TIME GAMES at milieux_village and all communities therein. I am not really Phoebe Halliwell, nor am I Alyssa Milano. There is no profit being made from this journal or this game.

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Its handle toward my hand?

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