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Phoebe hadn't planned to be out and about tonight, but after the premonition she had just had of Paige getting attacked by an old enemy, she was running into the house next door.

"Piper!" She called out. "Piper, where are you?!"

There might have been the slightest touch of hysteria in Phoebe's voice.


They could not deal with this again. They really could not.

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On Thursday morning, Phoebe opened her eyes and almost immediately wished she hadn't. With a soft whimper, she not only closed her eyes, she tried to smother herself with the blankets and pillows.


It had been inevitable that she would get a migraine soon. After all there had been so many things happening that had affected both her own emotions and her empathy: worry about saving Cole, Lana and Dean, Lana disappearing, house hunting, worry about Cole, not sleeping or eating right because she had been worried...

It all ended up mixing together to cause one hell of an empathy migraine... one that had her eyes filling with tears even now. She tried once more to get up, but the pain that shot through her head dictated that perhaps she should just try to lay there in one place without moving.

But she was thirsty... and she needed the painkillers for this -- or else she was going to spend an awful lot of time clutching her head and crying. Tea and some toast might help, too.

"Anders..." she whispered, hoping he was still in the bed or somewhere in the room. She was afraid to raise her voice because she was positive that if she did, her skull would split in two. "Anders..."

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Phoebe had been on bed rest and under house arrest all day. Even though she had been worried about where Cole had gone last night, she didn't have the energy to argue with her concerned house mates and loved ones about her trying to leave the house.

That, and Aziraphale had said she needed rest -- and she had promised Anders that she wouldn't go anywhere alone right now.

That few weeks had been hell, and it had made her think a lot about happier times -- like when they were all in high school and didn't know what the world would do to them.

Cole. Anders. Lana. Marie. Piper. Her.

With the exception of Marie, high school had been so much better for them all than a lot of things the world had done to them afterwards. She couldn't express how glad she was that Marie had been able to get something she wanted -- a normal life without her powers. For the rest of them, though, things didn't seem to have ended happily for them.

Phoebe climbed out of bed when Anders went to get tea for her and went to her bookcase. She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed.

She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed. )

Phoebe sighed and flipped to the picture of her, Lana and Marie hanging out and laughing at Selkie Cove. They were so happy then. She ran her fingers over the couplet memory she had written by that picture of her to best friends.

High school days and high school friends
let us always remember when

She read it out loud, trying to remember when she wrote it. She ran her fingers over it again and closed the yearbook.

Sometimes high school was so much happier.

She put the yearbook in the nightstand next to her side of the bed.
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Phoebe was sitting in the chair by the window with a notebook. She was currently trying to come up with a spell to return Cole to sanity before someone killed him.


Or before she had to help kill him.


She was looking at the potions that she had dug out from her dresser. The potions Piper had given her back in San Francisco before they had relocated here.

Before Cole showed up and started attacking her and everyone around her and Anders.

Piper was the best at creating potions and she was the one who created the rhyming spells.


She didn't want to have to use one of Piper's potions on Cole. She really didn't want anyone to hurt him at all. She didn't want anything bad to happen to Cole. However, after everything he had been doing to everyone around her, she knew something had to be done. If she didn't find a way to get through to him, they were going to have to kill him.

That was something that made her sick at heart.

So, she was trying to write a spell to regain his sanity before anything more happened.

Unfortunately, there were only so many words that rhymed with "sane" and in her state of mind, she was having a hard time coming up with a spell that sounded right -- as the crumpled up bits of notebook paper on the floor around her chair could attest to.

After all, she didn't want to accidentally turn Cole into a cane...

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Phoebe had a broken wrist...

...and a bag that she was trying to pack things into.

Granted, the packing was going veeeeerrrrry slow as she could only use one hand, but she was still very determined.

She was leaving and quite possibly checking into a hotel or just leaving for awhile.

She hadn't decided.

What she had decided -- because she was soooo good at making decisions right now -- was that she couldn't be at the house right now.

Cole was alive.

Cole was alive, quite possibly possessed and he wanted her to suffer for some wrongs he thought she had done.

He had almost killed Anders.

From the way he was acting, it was quite possible that anyone that came near her or was close to her was going to be a target. Someone she cared about could get hurt or killed just because they were near her or tried to help her.

So... she had decided that she would stay somewhere else until she could free Cole from whatever was possessing him and wanted to hurt her. The real Cole would never have hit her... he never would have hurt her or Anders or anyone else.

Thus packing.

With one hand.

Pity she had left that pesky door open.

[[Open to anyone who wants to knock sense into her, stop her, or the insane!husband if he wants to mess with her.]]
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Phoebe had been the world's biggest procrastinator about certain things.

Like, oh, telling Anders that Cole's ghost had paid her a visit and promised her that she would feel every bit of agony he had felt...

...and had grabbed her by the throat, accusing her of lying when she said she loved him.

Now that they had put two and two together and had figured out that her possessive stalker had beaten up Anders because of her, she figured that she really should tell him the truth about the "ghost" and everything he had said.

Cole's ghost hadn't done any physical damage, he had just scared the hell out of --- and devastated her when he believed that she had wanted him to be tortured and in pain. She never would have wanted him hurt and she couldn't believe that he didn't believe her when she told him she had gone to the Wastelands over and over again to find him.

Swallowing past her worry that Anders was going to be mad at her -- like he had every right to be -- Phoebe laid down on the bed next to him. She ran her finger gently over his hand.

"Anders, you awake?"

Sam opened his eyes and blinked at her... )

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After the conversation with Lana, Phoebe hadn't come immediately to her bedroom. She had hung out downstairs drinking coffee and trying not to cry about the fact that Lana was hurting -- and that she had used underhanded tactics on her best friend to keep her from running away from here.

After she had drank plenty of tea and coffee -- caffeine kept her awake and from falling into too deep of a sleep, thank gods -- she grabbed Lana's bag again and headed up to her room.

She entered her room quietly so as not to wake up Anders, and headed immediately to the closet to stash the bag. Of course, going into the closet meant that she saw all of the "gifts" and she swallowed, trying to stop shaking.

Crouching down, she retrieved a boittle of tequila and opened it, taking a very long drink, before going to sit in the chair by the window. Anders needed his rest, and from here she could keep an eye on him -- while at the same time not bothering him by her resteless and her anxiety.
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Phoebe hadn't wanted to leave the house, but she needed to get out of her room for a little while. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere alone right now and she really wasn't sure she wanted to try. Her housemates might get scary if she got stubborn and tried to go hunting again.

Not that she would. She was pretty freaked over the idea of ever leaving the house again.

So, in an attempt to get out of her room for a little while, she had limped her way onto the porch and was sitting in the shade, just watching... well, everything.

She was safe enough in the daylight, right?

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Even though she had steadfastly vowed to never let down her guard or go to sleep again, Phoebe found that she was only able to stay awake for so long before shock and exhaustion wiped her out. Thinking that she would just close her eyes for a half hour nap, Phoebe had curled up in the middle of her large bed. It wasn't long until she was in a deep, but restless sleep.

The nightmares started almost immediately.

Phoebe tossed and turned in her sleep as the nightmares wrapped around her and seemed so real.

They were nightmares of losing Cole, of the vanquish and of searching the Wastelands over and over again, trying to find him to no avail...

...those dreams soon became intertwined with the stalker and the traumatic events that had been happening lately.

"Cole," she whimpered. "Cole..."

[[OOC: First for he that knows who he is... and then afterwards for the housemates.]]


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