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Phoebe had been in the master bedroom writing the finishing touches on the spell she had written to bind her, Cole and Anders together. She was confident that it would work since she had spent quite a bit of time refining the spell she had done back in high school. Thankfully, this spell wouldn't have that kind of side effects.

Something disturbed her and she looked up from her notebook, cocking her head to listen.

It sounded like there was someone doing something in the attic.

Curious, she got up from the bed, pulling her robe on. She stepped out into the hall, looking up the stairs to the attic.

"Cole? Anders? You guys up there?"

When she received no answer, she headed up the stairs and into the attic. "Guys?"

No one was up here and as she turned around, she suddenly felt a hand go around her throat and shove her into the wall. She whimpered once and then felt someone pressing a body against her. She registered that there was no one there as she felt the strap of her top go down her shoulder and then she felt a hand running up her leg beneath her shorts. Her eyes widened at what she felt next, and then she passed out, dropping to the floor--taking the lamp with her.

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Phoebe had been sitting on the window seat, deep in thought for most of the day. She had the window open, and yes, she was smoking. She was watching the smoke float out the window as she tried to gather everything together in her mind.

Of course, anyone who knew her would have a good idea of what she was in thought about.


She could tell he was still a little hesitant with her and Anders when it came to anything more than a kiss or and hug here and there. She didn't want to push him for more because she knew he had been tortured and... and after how she and she and Anders were used to hurt him he may be afraid of letting them... her... too close. She also got the feeling that he was holding back and she didn't know exactly why.

However, she had an idea how she could find out.

The soul bond was still there between her and Cole -- even if it was weak and sometimes felt that it was torn. She could still get through to him... get him to feel what she was feeling for him. She knew that if she could get him to be alone with her and just talk -- or let her just sit with him -- she could find out the best way to help him see that he was wanted. That he was also wanted.

And, if she was going to come up with a spell to link all three of them... she needed some time alone with Cole and get him to trust her enough to let her feel his soul and work magic on him for this.

She needed to talk to Anders and tell him what she was planning to do.

If anyone could get Cole to see what she and Anders felt for him... she could.

That would be why she was waiting for Anders up here and smoking.

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Phoebe hadn't gone to bed yet.

After getting home from work after All Souls closed, she hung up the awesome gift from her big sibs, and then headed immediately to the attic.

She went to the window seat and lifted it, taking out the map of the world...and her scrying crystal. She faltered when she saw the teddy bear in there that Cole had bought when he heard the news that she...

She swallowed hard and dropped the seat. She needed to tell him the truth and soon.

She sighed, sitting on the floor and spreading out the map. She had turned on the tv to catch the news and really wished she hadn't. "Stupid brat," she muttered at Savannah before turning her complete attention back to the map and crystal.

A half an hour later she was frustrated and ready to throw the crystal across the room.

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