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After briefly talking to Piper, Phoebe headed upstairs to her bedroom. Once she and Anders were both inside, she turned and fixed him with a look.

"What aren't you telling me?"
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When Phoebe managed to get away from the stalker in the park, she hadn't stopped moving until she reached the house. She didn't even pause to look over her shoulder to see if he was chasing her. Her entire focus was getting home.

When she hit the porch, she got inside, and then made sure every lock on the door was securely fastened. Of course, after that, she went around the downstairs as quietly as she could and checked every other door and every window. Once she was sure everything was locked up tightly, she forced herself to climb the stairs.

By the time she made it to her room, her leg felt like it was on fire and every other wound -- old and new from the park fight, now -- were hurting. There were tears in her eyes as she shut her door behind her and then she leaned against it for several minutes. She knew she was bleeding in a couple of places and needed to take care of her wounds from the demon fight, but she was too afraid to leave her room right now.

She finally forced herself to go to her bed, but instead of laying down, she sat down on the floor with her bed between her and the window. It wasn't very comfortable on her aching body right now, but she was too scared to lay down and take the chance of falling asleep.

She was too afraid that things or messages would start appearing in her room and on her walls again.

She'd stay there for the rest of the night and until the sun rose.

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Phoebe was sitting in the middle of her bed. She was supposed to be resting, but she didn't seem to be able to do much of that right now. In fact, except when she took the pain pills from the clinic, she didn't sleep at all.

The events of Thursady night had left her anxious and freaked out. Everyone had slept in the room with her that night, and nothing more had mysteriously appeared.

The creepy gifts and card were in the closet out of her sight and the sheets and blankets had been changed on the bed. She had kept her bear with her, but right now it was on the bed beside her instead of her holding it.

She hated being alone right now...

Once more, like she had done a lot tonight, she got up from her bed and started limping up and down her room. She couldn't relax and she couldn't get comfortable and...

She was scared.

She pulled back the curtain again, looking out to see if she saw anything or anyone. When she didn't see anyone, she let the curtain drop with a sigh.

She knew Lana was asleep in her room or she'd go in and stay with her. Piper was out and she wasn't sure where Marie was.

Anders had said he'd come back tonight.

However, there was no sign of him and he hadn't called.

"Can't blame him after everything that's happened..."

After checking the window once more, she went back to curl up on the bed. She tried tro relax, but every noise and every shadow caused her to tense up and look around -- waiting.

"If Cole was still here no one would dare..."

She bit her lip hard enough to taste blood.

He wasn't here and he would never be again. Phoebe reached for her teddy bear and just held onto it as she continued to flinch at every sound she was hearing.

It was going to be a long night.

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Anders was away teaching class and she wasn't sure about Marie or Lana, but Phoebe had managed to get changed into comfortable knit pajamas. Since she was supposed to be resting, she could at least be wearing something that was made for it.

She hadn't done a lot of moving because she wasn't supposed to be, but she was more restless than usual.

She was twenty-eight today.

Yeah, today was her birthday... but she was kind of hoping that no one would remember.

It would be the first one in twelve years that Cole wouldn't be there...

...trying to swallow her tears, she limped to her closet. She had a few things that he had given her on past birthdays, and one of those was a well-worn teddy bear. She really needed that comfort right now. She missed him so much.

And... she was feeling antsy and tense after the window incident the other night.

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After the events of the night, Phoebe hadn't managed to get any rest until Anders had convinced her to take some of the pain medication that the clinic had sent home with her. She might have tried to argue with him, but her physical pain coupled with all of the emotional drain caused her to give in without argument.

She had collapsed into a dreamless sleep and had only woken up once -- late afternoon when Anders left the bed, promising her that he would check in on her later but that he had a few things to do.

Now, though, it was evening and Phoebe was awake and laying on her side, staring at her busted window from the relative comfort of her bed.

Marie had noticed the broken window... )

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After getting -- reluctantly she was pretty sure -- checked out of the clinic and checking on Lana, Anders had brought Phoebe immediately home.

He helped her up the stairs and into her bedroom.

By the time they reached her bedroom door, she was in pain again and wanted nothing more than to lie down.

"Bet this wasn't the way you expected to see where I lived," she said with a soft smile.

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With as much as she had drunk with Dean the night before, Phoebe had assumed that she would have a deep, dreamless sleep. She had assumed that it would be easy to sleep.

She had assumed wrong.

She fell asleep almost instantly, but then she tossed and whimpered as the images moved rapidly through her mind. Even from sleep, tears were sliding down her cheeks as she tossed wildly on the bed.

The nightmare seemed so real to her... )

Phoebe woke with a sharp cry. "No!"

When her eyes cleared and she saw where she was, she buried her face in her hands and started sobbing.

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