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Phoebe was not hiding in the safety of the house at 44 Blueberry Hill.

Except that she totally was.

Although the relief of her students at seeing her unharmed and back in the classroom had calmed her nerves somewhat -- as did seeing Lana and Tori -- she still wasn't feeling well. She was still feeling tired and so much still hurt.

And she wasn't that comfortable with people seeing the bruises and therefore remembering everything that she had done and what lengths some people had to go to in order to set her mistake right.

So she was totally not hiding as she sat in the attic of the house.

Just because she was afraid to venture outside didn't mean that people couldn't come inside, though.

[[OOC: For the boys and anyone else who would want to come see the emo-hermit-guilt-ridden witch.]]
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It had been a very exciting and busy busy day, so not surprisingly, after dinner, Phoebe had gone upstairs to take a shower and then crawled into bed. She was so tired that she was surprised that she had managed to make it in and out of the shower without needing to call for assistance -- though she had no doubt that the boys would come running to help her. Her head had barely touched the pillow before she was already asleep.

It should have been a restful sleep. Gods knew she deserved a chance to sleep and get through the night without being woken up by something in her dreams or nightmares.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy. )

Phoebe jerked her head and found herself awake in her bedroom. She buried her face in the pillow as she fought back tears. "Not real," she murmured. "It wasn't real." It was just her imagination and the stress of the attacks and the worry over how today's grand opening of her store would go.
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Phoebe had been in the master bedroom writing the finishing touches on the spell she had written to bind her, Cole and Anders together. She was confident that it would work since she had spent quite a bit of time refining the spell she had done back in high school. Thankfully, this spell wouldn't have that kind of side effects.

Something disturbed her and she looked up from her notebook, cocking her head to listen.

It sounded like there was someone doing something in the attic.

Curious, she got up from the bed, pulling her robe on. She stepped out into the hall, looking up the stairs to the attic.

"Cole? Anders? You guys up there?"

When she received no answer, she headed up the stairs and into the attic. "Guys?"

No one was up here and as she turned around, she suddenly felt a hand go around her throat and shove her into the wall. She whimpered once and then felt someone pressing a body against her. She registered that there was no one there as she felt the strap of her top go down her shoulder and then she felt a hand running up her leg beneath her shorts. Her eyes widened at what she felt next, and then she passed out, dropping to the floor--taking the lamp with her.

[[OOC: For Cole and Anders. NFB, please.]]
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Phoebe had been very good and stayed inside and rested all day like she figured the guys would want her to. They hadn't been really happy with her being out so late last night and then coming home wet like she had. So, today she had stayed inside. She had read for awhile and then made lots of notes and lists for the shop. Having Lana offer her the money to make this happen had lifted a heavy stress off of her mind -- as had Lana's agreement to be a silent partner. She had wanted to make sure that her friend knew that she wanted her involved or she wanted her to let her pay her back any money she put into the store.

Phoebe was in a peaceful and content mood. Piper was close by, as were Marie and Lana. Piper was right next door and she and Piper could move between the two houses as they willed. Dean was a phone call away, and she knew that Jack was, as well, if she needed anything. She wasn't sure when she had began trusting him -- but she had. It was probably after she had killed him and he hadn't tried to hurt her after he came back to life. James and Aziraphale were close by -- and she was so very happy to be living near her big brothers again.

Best of all, she was in her own home with Cole and Anders. They had gotten Cole back and had not only saved him... but he still loved and wanted them... wanted her. It had been something she had been a little worried about since seeing the vision of what he had been made to believe she had done to him. However, the love and the bond they had always shared had clicked into place again... and here they were.

Every so often, she would stop what she was writing or reading to merely listen to the sounds of Cole and Anders moving around the house. She was aware of Anders going out later in the evening -- and that had her curious, but she could feel that Cole was still in the house with her. That made her smile -- and she had to fight the urge to call out to him and as him to come snuggle in the bed with her. It wasn't fair to be clingy at him, after all.

She lay back in the bed and picked up her book again.

[[For the husband, boyfriend, sister or anyone who might need to see her.]]
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After hanging out in the park with Lana, Phoebe wandered back home, getting completely drenched as the rainstorm finally hit. She had no idea what time it was, but she hoped it wasn't too late and the guys hadn't worried too much.

She might be living in the land of wishful thinking, too.

She was worried that they might be sleeping, so she let herself into the house almost silently and headed for the stairs. She was cold and wet and she needed to get dry and warm.

She also needed not to sneeze like she felt like doing.

She should be able to get upstairs, get dried off and get warm without waking the guys... right?

[[OOC: For the guys that live with the stubborn witch.]]
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Phoebe and Cole made it to the house shortly after Phoebe closed down All Souls. Yes, shimmering would have been faster, but she had wanted to walk through to town with him. She opened the door and made it to the bottom of the steps, before she tugged Cole closer to her.
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Phoebe had fallen asleep in one of the wing-back chairs in the library.

She hadn't meant to, but she had spent several hours pouring over building plans, maps, inventory lists and all kinds of other paperwork that had something to do with the idea she had. After a few hours, her head and eyes had hurt so much that she had closed her eyes... and the floor was covered with all of the plans she had been examining that had fallen to the floor from her lap and the chair.

Surprisingly, the ledger she had been writing notes in and the pen were still in her lap and in her hand.

[[OOC: For Cole and Anders]]
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Phoebe had been sitting on the window seat, deep in thought for most of the day. She had the window open, and yes, she was smoking. She was watching the smoke float out the window as she tried to gather everything together in her mind.

Of course, anyone who knew her would have a good idea of what she was in thought about.


She could tell he was still a little hesitant with her and Anders when it came to anything more than a kiss or and hug here and there. She didn't want to push him for more because she knew he had been tortured and... and after how she and she and Anders were used to hurt him he may be afraid of letting them... her... too close. She also got the feeling that he was holding back and she didn't know exactly why.

However, she had an idea how she could find out.

The soul bond was still there between her and Cole -- even if it was weak and sometimes felt that it was torn. She could still get through to him... get him to feel what she was feeling for him. She knew that if she could get him to be alone with her and just talk -- or let her just sit with him -- she could find out the best way to help him see that he was wanted. That he was also wanted.

And, if she was going to come up with a spell to link all three of them... she needed some time alone with Cole and get him to trust her enough to let her feel his soul and work magic on him for this.

She needed to talk to Anders and tell him what she was planning to do.

If anyone could get Cole to see what she and Anders felt for him... she could.

That would be why she was waiting for Anders up here and smoking.

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