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Phoebe was still upset about yesterday and therefore hadn't slept much. Thankfully, the boys were used to her being more and more restless and uncomfortable as the due date for the twins got closer.

She had finally gave up on sleeping, and had gone downstairs. After making some tea in hopes that it would calm her down and relax her, Phoebe drifted outside to her favorite spot on the front porch swing. In addition to her usual blanket and book, she also had a notebook for trying to come up with a stronger spell of protection to put on the house. She wasn't taking any chances after what that blonde woman had said to her.

She also had a few athames with her.

[[OOC: Open for family, or any other visitors. May be bouts of SP as I am still ill and will be going out later.]]
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In a very rare change of pace, Phoebe was out on the front porch of her home.

She was annoyed.

No, she was more than annoyed. She was flat out angry and getting angrier.

In one hand, was a cigarrette. In the other, a jar of dust that Ianto had dropped off with her. On her lap was a notebook of what she had managed to find from the dust.

Someone had messed with her friend and Phoebe had managed to pull heself out of her depression and fear to get pretty angry.

Now, she was waiting for Piper so she could tel her what she had found and see what she thought their next step should be.

[[OOC: Mostly for the sister, but open to the men she loves and anyone else who might be coming to see her as well. Will go into SP as the meds take effect.]]


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