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Phoebe hadn't wanted to leave the house, but she needed to get out of her room for a little while. She wasn't allowed to go anywhere alone right now and she really wasn't sure she wanted to try. Her housemates might get scary if she got stubborn and tried to go hunting again.

Not that she would. She was pretty freaked over the idea of ever leaving the house again.

So, in an attempt to get out of her room for a little while, she had limped her way onto the porch and was sitting in the shade, just watching... well, everything.

She was safe enough in the daylight, right?

[[OOC: Mostly for Logan but open!]]
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Anders was away teaching class and she wasn't sure about Marie or Lana, but Phoebe had managed to get changed into comfortable knit pajamas. Since she was supposed to be resting, she could at least be wearing something that was made for it.

She hadn't done a lot of moving because she wasn't supposed to be, but she was more restless than usual.

She was twenty-eight today.

Yeah, today was her birthday... but she was kind of hoping that no one would remember.

It would be the first one in twelve years that Cole wouldn't be there...

...trying to swallow her tears, she limped to her closet. She had a few things that he had given her on past birthdays, and one of those was a well-worn teddy bear. She really needed that comfort right now. She missed him so much.

And... she was feeling antsy and tense after the window incident the other night.

[[OOC: For the dead!husband/stalker... and then afterwards anyone else who would have reason to be. Identity of stalker NFB. Hee!]]


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