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Phoebe had a stack of inventory lists that she needed to get into her computer system so that she could order new stock for The Crystal Fox.

Of course, the twins had picked this time to decide that they needed to know where their mommy was at all times.

Trying to compromise with her responsibilities as mom and her duties as a store owner who needed to have stock sell to pay employees, Phoebe had moved everything into the library. The baby gates were up between the living room and the kitchen.

"Thea, baby, please don't try climbing that, you'll fall. Peri, honey, no, the couch arm is not for chewing on..."

She managed to get two entries done when she realized how silent it had gotten. She looked up from the screen, and jumped up from her chair. The twins were nowhere to be seen.

"Thea? Peri?" Phoebe searched all of the places a four month old could hide in the library. They were nowhere to be found... and the baby gates were still up and didn't look like they had been touched. "Thea! Peri!"

Panic was starting to move through her as she kicked her way through the baby gate leading to the living room. However, they weren't there and she didn't find them attempting to climb the stairs, either.

"COLE!" Phoebe finally yelled, trying to keep the yell from being a scream of panic. "ANDERS!"

[[OOC: For the Daddies and the babies]]


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