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After not a lot of sleep due to the party the night before and spending most of today cleaning up, Phoebe had thought she would get a peaceful night's sleep. The twins were settled in and tonight she was curled up in between her men. You would think that would guarantee her a very nice night of sleep.

You'd Be Wrong (Contains Recent BSG Spoilers) )

Those same screams made their way out of the nightmare as Phoebe sat upright in bed, still screaming as tears ran down her face.

[[OOC: What? You think that after the last few weeks of BSG that Phoebe wouldn't have some sort of nightmare like the guys did?]]
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It had been a very exciting and busy busy day, so not surprisingly, after dinner, Phoebe had gone upstairs to take a shower and then crawled into bed. She was so tired that she was surprised that she had managed to make it in and out of the shower without needing to call for assistance -- though she had no doubt that the boys would come running to help her. Her head had barely touched the pillow before she was already asleep.

It should have been a restful sleep. Gods knew she deserved a chance to sleep and get through the night without being woken up by something in her dreams or nightmares.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy. )

Phoebe jerked her head and found herself awake in her bedroom. She buried her face in the pillow as she fought back tears. "Not real," she murmured. "It wasn't real." It was just her imagination and the stress of the attacks and the worry over how today's grand opening of her store would go.
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With as much as she had drunk with Dean the night before, Phoebe had assumed that she would have a deep, dreamless sleep. She had assumed that it would be easy to sleep.

She had assumed wrong.

She fell asleep almost instantly, but then she tossed and whimpered as the images moved rapidly through her mind. Even from sleep, tears were sliding down her cheeks as she tossed wildly on the bed.

The nightmare seemed so real to her... )

Phoebe woke with a sharp cry. "No!"

When her eyes cleared and she saw where she was, she buried her face in her hands and started sobbing.

[[OOC: Open for anyone who might have heard her or have reason to decide to check on her.]]


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