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When Phoebe managed to get away from the stalker in the park, she hadn't stopped moving until she reached the house. She didn't even pause to look over her shoulder to see if he was chasing her. Her entire focus was getting home.

When she hit the porch, she got inside, and then made sure every lock on the door was securely fastened. Of course, after that, she went around the downstairs as quietly as she could and checked every other door and every window. Once she was sure everything was locked up tightly, she forced herself to climb the stairs.

By the time she made it to her room, her leg felt like it was on fire and every other wound -- old and new from the park fight, now -- were hurting. There were tears in her eyes as she shut her door behind her and then she leaned against it for several minutes. She knew she was bleeding in a couple of places and needed to take care of her wounds from the demon fight, but she was too afraid to leave her room right now.

She finally forced herself to go to her bed, but instead of laying down, she sat down on the floor with her bed between her and the window. It wasn't very comfortable on her aching body right now, but she was too scared to lay down and take the chance of falling asleep.

She was too afraid that things or messages would start appearing in her room and on her walls again.

She'd stay there for the rest of the night and until the sun rose.

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When it was late, Phoebe slipped from her room and then from the house. She had had one of her premonitions. She had seen a demon creeping around an area she recognized as being in the park. It was a spot she often had wandered in when she was drinking and trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the night.

A demon had probably been what had been messing with things in her room.

A demon had attacked and almost killed Anders.

Thus, she was going hunting.

Phoebe lit up a cigarette as she walked slowly to the park. )

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