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Phoebe always hated this part.

The saying goodbye to her children that came to her from different universes.

Pala tried to smile and hugged her mom. "It'll all be okay, mom," she said softly. "I ahve no doubt you see us again. Just right now, we have to go back to our own times and places. I'm glad I got to come, though."

Logan was stoic and brave as he looked at his parents. "It's not like I'm gonna be vanquished or anything, lighten up."

Thea and Peri were holding hands as they smiled at their parents.

"Silly Mommy and Daddies. We'll be back," they patted Phoebe's stomach to reassure them.

[[OOC: For the 44 Blueberry Hill peoples to say goodbye]]
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Phoebe was sitting on a blanket in the front yard of the house. Thea and Peri were sitting next to her, while Pala and Logan were showing each other how much cooler their power was than the other's. All four of the kids had seemed to accept the fact that she was their mother and that they were from different universes -- though she was still trying to get Cole to calm down about the knowledge of who Pala's father was. Apparently the idea that in some universe she had hooked up with Dean bothered him more than the fact he had named their son Logan.

Right now, Phoebe was just enjoying sitting out here and watching the kids. She was also hoping Dean wandered around so she could introduce him to their daughter.

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