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After hanging out in the park with Lana, Phoebe wandered back home, getting completely drenched as the rainstorm finally hit. She had no idea what time it was, but she hoped it wasn't too late and the guys hadn't worried too much.

She might be living in the land of wishful thinking, too.

She was worried that they might be sleeping, so she let herself into the house almost silently and headed for the stairs. She was cold and wet and she needed to get dry and warm.

She also needed not to sneeze like she felt like doing.

She should be able to get upstairs, get dried off and get warm without waking the guys... right?

[[OOC: For the guys that live with the stubborn witch.]]
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When it was late, Phoebe slipped from her room and then from the house. She had had one of her premonitions. She had seen a demon creeping around an area she recognized as being in the park. It was a spot she often had wandered in when she was drinking and trying to figure out what to do for the rest of the night.

A demon had probably been what had been messing with things in her room.

A demon had attacked and almost killed Anders.

Thus, she was going hunting.

Phoebe lit up a cigarette as she walked slowly to the park. )

[[OOC: For [ profile] holdingontolove]]
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After the discussion with Aziraphale and feeling way worse than ever, Phoebe had left Milieux and headed to one of the nearby towns to get drunk ... again. The fact that she had disappointed Aziraphale so much and he had pretty much said so left her hurting and hating herself even more. She just couldn't seem to stop failing those that she loved.

It was pretty late when the cab dropped her off and she wandered down the road and into the park. She had plans to sit by the pond for awhile and then head home. She was probably drunk enough that maybe she could sleep through the night without nightmares.

She made her way slowly to the pond, only stumbling a couple of times.

[[OOC: For [ profile] victimofcylons]]


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