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Phoebe had been the world's biggest procrastinator about certain things.

Like, oh, telling Anders that Cole's ghost had paid her a visit and promised her that she would feel every bit of agony he had felt...

...and had grabbed her by the throat, accusing her of lying when she said she loved him.

Now that they had put two and two together and had figured out that her possessive stalker had beaten up Anders because of her, she figured that she really should tell him the truth about the "ghost" and everything he had said.

Cole's ghost hadn't done any physical damage, he had just scared the hell out of --- and devastated her when he believed that she had wanted him to be tortured and in pain. She never would have wanted him hurt and she couldn't believe that he didn't believe her when she told him she had gone to the Wastelands over and over again to find him.

Swallowing past her worry that Anders was going to be mad at her -- like he had every right to be -- Phoebe laid down on the bed next to him. She ran her finger gently over his hand.

"Anders, you awake?"

Sam opened his eyes and blinked at her... )

[[Started through e-mail with [ profile] beenthroughthat and to be finished in the comments. For [ profile] beenthroughthat and [ profile] holdingontolove]]


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