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This was probably not one of Phoebe's better ideas. She meant well, and you know how that saying goes about hearts being in the right places? Yeah, that was what this one was, and why it was destined to be a disaster -- even if nobody was about to say that to Phoebe.

Piper had come over earlier to help with the cooking and the dining room table was beautifully set. Phoebe had caved to the boys' fussing and she had spent a great deal of time sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace with her feet up.

Soon though, everything had been done and now they were just waiting for their dinner guests.

It hadn't occured to Phoebe that this cold go very badly. She really was trying to make things easier for her friend by being welcoming to her fiance -- even if she disagreed with the choice of fiance.

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Phoebe was having a quiet day at home. She had been reading most of the day, and curently, she was in the kitchen making tea. She wasn't liking this coffee ban that everyone had put on her, but she figured she could find a way around it some other time. Right now, she just really wanted the Lavender Herbal tea she had discovered.

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Phoebe hadn't planned to be out and about tonight, but after the premonition she had just had of Paige getting attacked by an old enemy, she was running into the house next door.

"Piper!" She called out. "Piper, where are you?!"

There might have been the slightest touch of hysteria in Phoebe's voice.


They could not deal with this again. They really could not.

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In a very rare change of pace, Phoebe was out on the front porch of her home.

She was annoyed.

No, she was more than annoyed. She was flat out angry and getting angrier.

In one hand, was a cigarrette. In the other, a jar of dust that Ianto had dropped off with her. On her lap was a notebook of what she had managed to find from the dust.

Someone had messed with her friend and Phoebe had managed to pull heself out of her depression and fear to get pretty angry.

Now, she was waiting for Piper so she could tel her what she had found and see what she thought their next step should be.

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There had been a great deal of preparation going on at 44 Blueberry Hill.

They had come up with things that they thought could save Phoebe and get id of Phillipa once and for all.

So, as it got dark, they all gathered in the living room to discuss final plans for what needed to be done.

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Phoebe had been very good and stayed inside and rested all day like she figured the guys would want her to. They hadn't been really happy with her being out so late last night and then coming home wet like she had. So, today she had stayed inside. She had read for awhile and then made lots of notes and lists for the shop. Having Lana offer her the money to make this happen had lifted a heavy stress off of her mind -- as had Lana's agreement to be a silent partner. She had wanted to make sure that her friend knew that she wanted her involved or she wanted her to let her pay her back any money she put into the store.

Phoebe was in a peaceful and content mood. Piper was close by, as were Marie and Lana. Piper was right next door and she and Piper could move between the two houses as they willed. Dean was a phone call away, and she knew that Jack was, as well, if she needed anything. She wasn't sure when she had began trusting him -- but she had. It was probably after she had killed him and he hadn't tried to hurt her after he came back to life. James and Aziraphale were close by -- and she was so very happy to be living near her big brothers again.

Best of all, she was in her own home with Cole and Anders. They had gotten Cole back and had not only saved him... but he still loved and wanted them... wanted her. It had been something she had been a little worried about since seeing the vision of what he had been made to believe she had done to him. However, the love and the bond they had always shared had clicked into place again... and here they were.

Every so often, she would stop what she was writing or reading to merely listen to the sounds of Cole and Anders moving around the house. She was aware of Anders going out later in the evening -- and that had her curious, but she could feel that Cole was still in the house with her. That made her smile -- and she had to fight the urge to call out to him and as him to come snuggle in the bed with her. It wasn't fair to be clingy at him, after all.

She lay back in the bed and picked up her book again.

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Phoebe had been on bed rest and under house arrest all day. Even though she had been worried about where Cole had gone last night, she didn't have the energy to argue with her concerned house mates and loved ones about her trying to leave the house.

That, and Aziraphale had said she needed rest -- and she had promised Anders that she wouldn't go anywhere alone right now.

That few weeks had been hell, and it had made her think a lot about happier times -- like when they were all in high school and didn't know what the world would do to them.

Cole. Anders. Lana. Marie. Piper. Her.

With the exception of Marie, high school had been so much better for them all than a lot of things the world had done to them afterwards. She couldn't express how glad she was that Marie had been able to get something she wanted -- a normal life without her powers. For the rest of them, though, things didn't seem to have ended happily for them.

Phoebe climbed out of bed when Anders went to get tea for her and went to her bookcase. She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed.

She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed. )

Phoebe sighed and flipped to the picture of her, Lana and Marie hanging out and laughing at Selkie Cove. They were so happy then. She ran her fingers over the couplet memory she had written by that picture of her to best friends.

High school days and high school friends
let us always remember when

She read it out loud, trying to remember when she wrote it. She ran her fingers over it again and closed the yearbook.

Sometimes high school was so much happier.

She put the yearbook in the nightstand next to her side of the bed.
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Anders was away teaching class and she wasn't sure about Marie or Lana, but Phoebe had managed to get changed into comfortable knit pajamas. Since she was supposed to be resting, she could at least be wearing something that was made for it.

She hadn't done a lot of moving because she wasn't supposed to be, but she was more restless than usual.

She was twenty-eight today.

Yeah, today was her birthday... but she was kind of hoping that no one would remember.

It would be the first one in twelve years that Cole wouldn't be there...

...trying to swallow her tears, she limped to her closet. She had a few things that he had given her on past birthdays, and one of those was a well-worn teddy bear. She really needed that comfort right now. She missed him so much.

And... she was feeling antsy and tense after the window incident the other night.

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Phoebe was still at the Penthouse, making sure that she had taken care of several last minute details. She had written a letter to her family so that they would know what she had done and why. She was drinking another glass of something and was preparing the final step of her plans when her laptop alerted her that she had a message waiting.

With widening eyes, she read the e-mail from Marie. She hadn’t expected a response from Marie, but now that she had it, she was carefully re-reading it. She had no doubt that if she wasn’t on that plane, Aziraphale would come after her – and alive or dead she would have a lot of explaining to do.

She swallowed. Marie was in Louisiana… with her big brothers… and, if she translated the part of the message correctly, Lana.

There were tears in her eyes as she got to her feet. Her final plans could wait a little bit longer. She could at least see them and say goodbye to them in person.

Phoebe grabbed her sweater and headed to the elevator. She had to tell Piper that she was going out of town for a little while.

Sister Time )

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