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I wanted to make sure I said thank you to everyone who involved with the "Pardon My Past" plot and who let Phoebe/Phillipa harass/abuse their characters.

I had a lot of run running this plot and I was glad to see so many people decide to get involved.

For those that I didn't have time to have Phoebe attack... she's from "Charmed". There'll be another chance. :)

Thank you so much for getting involved and making it so much fun.

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There had been a great deal of preparation going on at 44 Blueberry Hill.

They had come up with things that they thought could save Phoebe and get id of Phillipa once and for all.

So, as it got dark, they all gathered in the living room to discuss final plans for what needed to be done.

[[OOC: For those who know whom they are]]
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Phillipa wasn't sure what had happened, but she was sudenly standing outside of the body she had taken quite a liking to. Phoebe was on the floor, surrounded by people, and somehow she had been brought back into her body -- forcing Phillipa out.

"It won't last, Phoebe," she warned. "We killed you once, I can do it again."

She was pleased to feel the flicker of fear that came from Phoebe and she watched, trying to figure out how to best take advantage of this fear and destroy Phoebe once and for all.
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There had been many times in her life where Phoebe had been both scared and in pain.

However, nothing had ever been as bad as what she had just went through.

The spell hadn't worked like it was supposed to. When she couldn't get her cousins to believe the truth, she had tried to reverse the spell. She had tried many times to reverse the spell, but to no avail. Nothing had happened and she had remained trapped in 1924.

Well, trapped for as long as it took her cousins to curse and kill her...

1924 Was A Bad Year For Phoebe )
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Phillipa was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching Anton with a pleased smile.

"So, you managed to bring me back to life and now we're going to get our vengeance and do what we had been planning to do before my cousins murdered me?"

[[OOC: For the bad boyfriend]]
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Phoebe had been making preparations all day after she had talked to Sam on the phone...

"Phoebe, I know that you want to get answers and that you want all of this to stop, but I really don't think this really is the best idea. Look, why don't you wait. Let Dean and I do some research and then we can go from there."

"Sam... I don't have time to do research. If I don't stop this now, Cole and Anders... and everyone else that cares about me is going to have to watch me die. I don't want them to see that."

"Phoebe, just... let me go get Dean so we can at least be there to help. This isn't something that you should have to do on your own."

She quickly came to the realization that Sam wasn't going to stop until she promised to wait, so she had reassured him that she wouldn't do anything dumb until he and Dean came over to the house. After hanging up the phone, she had headed to the back of the house where she had sat on the porch, trying to think. To her surprise, Jack had wandered by and she had spoken to him about everything that was going on.

Helped By Not The Captain Jack, Phoebe Makes A Bad Decision )
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Phoebe had slipped past everyone and made her way up to the attic, locking the door behind her.

Something Jack had said last week had gotten her to thinking.

People out of time.

After the attack on Wednesday, she had done some research about past lives and unfinished business. What if this wasn't a new attacker, but somebody she had wronged in her past?

That would be why she was locked in the attic with her notebook.

She sat in the middle of the floor and recited the spell.

Remove the chains of time and Space
and make my spirit soar
Let these mortal arms embrace
the life that haunts before

She had barely gotten out that last word when she fel over unconscious on the floor.
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Phoebe was laying on the couch in the library in front of the fire place.

She was supposed to be resting, but not sleeping.

She was sore from the earlier attack and she was stil shaken up that it had happened so blatantly in public.

She had left a message for James to tell him what had happened and she was trying to figure out how to tell her sister and best friends what had happened without worrying them.

She could just let them find out from the news... but that would be a bad idea.

[[OOC: Open. Bouts of SP]]
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Phoebe came in from work and went right for the shower and then for bed.

Dream Sorcerer - Mildly NWS )

[[OOC: Some of the bad guy's words are written by Shakespear's Sister]]
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It had been a very exciting and busy busy day, so not surprisingly, after dinner, Phoebe had gone upstairs to take a shower and then crawled into bed. She was so tired that she was surprised that she had managed to make it in and out of the shower without needing to call for assistance -- though she had no doubt that the boys would come running to help her. Her head had barely touched the pillow before she was already asleep.

It should have been a restful sleep. Gods knew she deserved a chance to sleep and get through the night without being woken up by something in her dreams or nightmares.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy. )

Phoebe jerked her head and found herself awake in her bedroom. She buried her face in the pillow as she fought back tears. "Not real," she murmured. "It wasn't real." It was just her imagination and the stress of the attacks and the worry over how today's grand opening of her store would go.
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Phoebe was walking down the stairs from the attic to the bedroom when the weirdness started happening again.

She was halfway down the stairs when she felt a small set of hands in the middle of her back and was pushed. Phoebe cried out as she found herself tumbling down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, she lay dazed for a few moments.  She got to her feet slowly and looked up to see if she could sense anything on the stairs.  There was nothing. She seemed to be okay, but she would be sore and bruised tomorrow.

Shaking her head, and trying to calm down from the surge of the fear she felt, she turned to go into the bedroom when she felt herself picked up and thrown into a wall. Her head slammed back and then she found herself being pinned to the wall by her throat.

"Cole!" she managed to scream before the squeezing around her throat started.  "Ande--"

She started clawing at the area around her throat, trying to break free of whatever was constricting her breathing.  In a panic, she slammed her head back against the wall, hoping to interrupt what was happening, but the squeezing didn't stop. She felt herself being lifted up and pinned to the wall as darkness started hovering at the edge of her vision.

[[For the husband and the boyfriend. NFB, please. ;) ]]


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