sleepswthdemons: (Phoebe With Other Baby)
2009-06-01 09:58 am

44 Blueberry Hill, In The Backyard All Morning

With Mina taking care of the store today, Phoebe was in the backyard of the house with the twins. She had put up barriers to make sure that they couldn't wander off into the woods. There were blankets spread out on the grass and the baby swings were out here, too.

Currently, though, Phoebe was on the grass with both twins in her arms and she was telling them fairy tales from the old book that was open in front of them.

"Did you know that your Mommy's favorite fairy tale is Cinderella?" Thea giggled and Peri patted her nose. "Yes, and I even got my Prince Charmings, too."

[[OOC: Open to the family or anyone that might drop in on the back of the house. SP warning as I am at work.]]