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Phoebe was not hiding in the safety of the house at 44 Blueberry Hill.

Except that she totally was.

Although the relief of her students at seeing her unharmed and back in the classroom had calmed her nerves somewhat -- as did seeing Lana and Tori -- she still wasn't feeling well. She was still feeling tired and so much still hurt.

And she wasn't that comfortable with people seeing the bruises and therefore remembering everything that she had done and what lengths some people had to go to in order to set her mistake right.

So she was totally not hiding as she sat in the attic of the house.

Just because she was afraid to venture outside didn't mean that people couldn't come inside, though.

[[OOC: For the boys and anyone else who would want to come see the emo-hermit-guilt-ridden witch.]]
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Phoebe hadn't gone to bed yet.

After getting home from work after All Souls closed, she hung up the awesome gift from her big sibs, and then headed immediately to the attic.

She went to the window seat and lifted it, taking out the map of the world...and her scrying crystal. She faltered when she saw the teddy bear in there that Cole had bought when he heard the news that she...

She swallowed hard and dropped the seat. She needed to tell him the truth and soon.

She sighed, sitting on the floor and spreading out the map. She had turned on the tv to catch the news and really wished she hadn't. "Stupid brat," she muttered at Savannah before turning her complete attention back to the map and crystal.

A half an hour later she was frustrated and ready to throw the crystal across the room.

[[OOC: For [ profile] holdingontolove first and then [ profile] beenthroughthat as well]]


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