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In about an hour I'm leaving for a week long vacation. Those of you who know me know that this is very much needed.

I'm told the hotel has free wi-fi, but just in case, the following people have modding rights over my girls:

Phoebe: Cole, Anders, Piper, Veronica
Savannah: Carson, Piper, Eve, Sean, Lindsay
Jaenelle: Karla
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With Mina taking care of the store today, Phoebe was in the backyard of the house with the twins. She had put up barriers to make sure that they couldn't wander off into the woods. There were blankets spread out on the grass and the baby swings were out here, too.

Currently, though, Phoebe was on the grass with both twins in her arms and she was telling them fairy tales from the old book that was open in front of them.

"Did you know that your Mommy's favorite fairy tale is Cinderella?" Thea giggled and Peri patted her nose. "Yes, and I even got my Prince Charmings, too."

[[OOC: Open to the family or anyone that might drop in on the back of the house. SP warning as I am at work.]]
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It was Mother's Day, and being that Phoebe and Piper were new moms and that Patty was alive and in the village, Phoebe had decided that there needed to be a Halliwell family dinner today.

She had spent a great deal of the morning and early afternoon in the kitchen with her sister and they had been cooking most of that time. Phoebe was determined to make this a nice meal and a nice night, despite the pall of sadness that a lot of them were feeling.

Between trips from kitchen to the table, she made a couple of phone calls and had the guys get the twins set up in their high chairs so they could be at the family dinner, too.

Finally, the last dish was set down on the table and dinner was ready.

[[OOC: For Halliwells and honorary Halliwells]]
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Phoebe had a stack of inventory lists that she needed to get into her computer system so that she could order new stock for The Crystal Fox.

Of course, the twins had picked this time to decide that they needed to know where their mommy was at all times.

Trying to compromise with her responsibilities as mom and her duties as a store owner who needed to have stock sell to pay employees, Phoebe had moved everything into the library. The baby gates were up between the living room and the kitchen.

"Thea, baby, please don't try climbing that, you'll fall. Peri, honey, no, the couch arm is not for chewing on..."

She managed to get two entries done when she realized how silent it had gotten. She looked up from the screen, and jumped up from her chair. The twins were nowhere to be seen.

"Thea? Peri?" Phoebe searched all of the places a four month old could hide in the library. They were nowhere to be found... and the baby gates were still up and didn't look like they had been touched. "Thea! Peri!"

Panic was starting to move through her as she kicked her way through the baby gate leading to the living room. However, they weren't there and she didn't find them attempting to climb the stairs, either.

"COLE!" Phoebe finally yelled, trying to keep the yell from being a scream of panic. "ANDERS!"

[[OOC: For the Daddies and the babies]]
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After not a lot of sleep due to the party the night before and spending most of today cleaning up, Phoebe had thought she would get a peaceful night's sleep. The twins were settled in and tonight she was curled up in between her men. You would think that would guarantee her a very nice night of sleep.

You'd Be Wrong (Contains Recent BSG Spoilers) )

Those same screams made their way out of the nightmare as Phoebe sat upright in bed, still screaming as tears ran down her face.

[[OOC: What? You think that after the last few weeks of BSG that Phoebe wouldn't have some sort of nightmare like the guys did?]]
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Phoebe and the twins were now at home, which meant there was probably a couple of very excited and attentive daddies in residence as well.

Both Panthea and Persephone seemed to be cheerful babies -- when they were awake.

Which meant that there was plenty of welcome smiles for family and visitors.
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Phoebe was downstairs making tea when the pains started coming closer together.

She gasped for a moment, holding onto the counter as she waited for the latest one to pass. Once that happened, she made her way to the couch. She sat down, considering how to wake the boys -- there was no way she was making it back up the stairs.

A small smile on her face, she shook her head, realizing that any moment now, one of them would feel that she was in pain and then both of them would be down in a flash.

So really, all she needed to do was try and stay calm.
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Phoebe was still upset about yesterday and therefore hadn't slept much. Thankfully, the boys were used to her being more and more restless and uncomfortable as the due date for the twins got closer.

She had finally gave up on sleeping, and had gone downstairs. After making some tea in hopes that it would calm her down and relax her, Phoebe drifted outside to her favorite spot on the front porch swing. In addition to her usual blanket and book, she also had a notebook for trying to come up with a stronger spell of protection to put on the house. She wasn't taking any chances after what that blonde woman had said to her.

She also had a few athames with her.

[[OOC: Open for family, or any other visitors. May be bouts of SP as I am still ill and will be going out later.]]
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The headache had started halfway through the dinner party.

By the time the fight was done, people gone and the kitchen and dining room cleaned, Phoebe's head was literally throbbing. She was pretty sure her head was trying to detatch itself from her body.

Leaving the guys to finish up downstairs, Phoebe made her way slowly up the stairs and into the master bedroom. She changed into something much more comfortable and then lay diagonally across the bed.

The dinner party had been a disaster -- and she wanted to beat the hell out of her nephew for the way he had acted. She felt bad for Isabel and was trying to figure out how to make it up to her.

Or, she would figure out that later -- after the headache was gone.

Being an empath sucked sometimes.

[[OOC: For the husband and the boyfriend if they so desire.]]
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This was probably not one of Phoebe's better ideas. She meant well, and you know how that saying goes about hearts being in the right places? Yeah, that was what this one was, and why it was destined to be a disaster -- even if nobody was about to say that to Phoebe.

Piper had come over earlier to help with the cooking and the dining room table was beautifully set. Phoebe had caved to the boys' fussing and she had spent a great deal of time sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace with her feet up.

Soon though, everything had been done and now they were just waiting for their dinner guests.

It hadn't occured to Phoebe that this cold go very badly. She really was trying to make things easier for her friend by being welcoming to her fiance -- even if she disagreed with the choice of fiance.

[[OOC: For those that know who they are. Please wait for the small OCD]]
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Once more, Phoebe had begged wheedled cried decided that she wanted to sit outside. She was too restless and the air outside had relaxed her last time where she was able to sleep for a little bit. The boys made sure everything was in their state of clean and safe before settling her out on the porch swing.

There was tea on the table beside her, as well as a blanket over her feet, and she was reading some sort of trashy novel Cole had gotten for her.

[[OOC: Open, but SP as I am at work.]]
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Phoebe was tired of being cooped up and feeling a little restless. She couldn't seem to get comfortable and her emotions and hormones were slightly frayed.

Ok, more than slightly.

After some wheedling, begging and threatening, the boys had helped Phoebe get settled on the front porch swing.

She was, of course, wearing a jacket and there was a blanket nearby in case she got chilled. There was also a pitcher of Lavender Jasmine tea on the table next to her as well as her laptop and a selection of trashy novels.

[[OOC: open!]]
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Phoebe always hated this part.

The saying goodbye to her children that came to her from different universes.

Pala tried to smile and hugged her mom. "It'll all be okay, mom," she said softly. "I ahve no doubt you see us again. Just right now, we have to go back to our own times and places. I'm glad I got to come, though."

Logan was stoic and brave as he looked at his parents. "It's not like I'm gonna be vanquished or anything, lighten up."

Thea and Peri were holding hands as they smiled at their parents.

"Silly Mommy and Daddies. We'll be back," they patted Phoebe's stomach to reassure them.

[[OOC: For the 44 Blueberry Hill peoples to say goodbye]]
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Phoebe was sitting on a blanket in the front yard of the house. Thea and Peri were sitting next to her, while Pala and Logan were showing each other how much cooler their power was than the other's. All four of the kids had seemed to accept the fact that she was their mother and that they were from different universes -- though she was still trying to get Cole to calm down about the knowledge of who Pala's father was. Apparently the idea that in some universe she had hooked up with Dean bothered him more than the fact he had named their son Logan.

Right now, Phoebe was just enjoying sitting out here and watching the kids. She was also hoping Dean wandered around so she could introduce him to their daughter.

[[OOC: Open]]
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Eveything was quiet at 44 Blueberry Hill.

After Phoebe had woken up in the wee hours of the morning crying for no reason, the boys had managed to calm her fears and ease her back to sleep. The plan was to stay in bed until at least noon -- and perhaps insist Phoebe rest longer.

Plans are obviously made to be broken.
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Phoebe had been asleep when the boys returned last night, and so had not told them about her sister, Prue.

Then today, all three of them had been busy doing various things in the house and Phoebe had retreated to the Attic to take care of some things and flip through a certain album she kept.

As the sun started to go down, she realized she had been up there all day and sighed, runnng a hand through her hair.

{{OOC: For the husband first, then the boyfriend. :) }}
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Phoebe was sitting on the front porch swing of the house. Cole had brought her a blanket -- though she had said it wasn't needed -- and she was wrapped up in that and leaning against a pillow that Anders had insisted she use. She was trying to read her book, but for some reason, she was having a hard time keeping herself from dozing off from time to time. She didn't know why she was so sleepy as of late.

She'd stay out here for a little longer fo the fresh air, and then go inside and take a long bath.

Maybe she could get Cole and Anders to rent her a hot tub like the one they had rented for Cole's birthday...

[[OOC: For Prue. Massive SP as I am having a very bad migraine that is messing with me hardcore.]]
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Phoebe was sitting on the couch with her feet curled beneath her. She had had a hormonal fit earlier and shortly thereafter, a box of chick flick DVDs had appeared in the bedroom. That would be why there was one playing on the tv right now and she was sniffling into a kleenex.
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Phoebe was a stressed wreck. Cole and Anders kept trying to get her to sit and rest, but there was no way she could.

Piper was missing!

Paige and Savannah had come over last night and told her that Piper was missing. They had searched the house, the Coven and every other place they could think of to look, but there had been no sign of her sister.

"We have to figure out what happened," Phoebe told the group as she reached for the Book of Shadows. "We have to find --" As her hands closed around the book, Phoebe gasped, her body tensing.

Premonitions )

Phoebe came out of the premonition with a shocked cry.

[[OOC: For those at 44 Blueberry Hill]]
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Phoebe was having a quiet day at home. She had been reading most of the day, and curently, she was in the kitchen making tea. She wasn't liking this coffee ban that everyone had put on her, but she figured she could find a way around it some other time. Right now, she just really wanted the Lavender Herbal tea she had discovered.

[[OOC: For the big sister and then the plottiness]]


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