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Phoebe was sitting in the chair by the window with a notebook. She was currently trying to come up with a spell to return Cole to sanity before someone killed him.


Or before she had to help kill him.


She was looking at the potions that she had dug out from her dresser. The potions Piper had given her back in San Francisco before they had relocated here.

Before Cole showed up and started attacking her and everyone around her and Anders.

Piper was the best at creating potions and she was the one who created the rhyming spells.


She didn't want to have to use one of Piper's potions on Cole. She really didn't want anyone to hurt him at all. She didn't want anything bad to happen to Cole. However, after everything he had been doing to everyone around her, she knew something had to be done. If she didn't find a way to get through to him, they were going to have to kill him.

That was something that made her sick at heart.

So, she was trying to write a spell to regain his sanity before anything more happened.

Unfortunately, there were only so many words that rhymed with "sane" and in her state of mind, she was having a hard time coming up with a spell that sounded right -- as the crumpled up bits of notebook paper on the floor around her chair could attest to.

After all, she didn't want to accidentally turn Cole into a cane...

[[OOC: Open to anyone at the residence or anyone who might have reason to visit her. Pings will not be answered until sometime after 3 pm EST due to work]]


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