Apr. 19th, 2008

sleepswthdemons: (Contemplation)
Phoebe was sitting on the bed of the larger of the three extra bedrooms in the house.

She also had a notebook with her that she was jotting notes down on.

She knew the boys were all excited about turning one of the bedrooms into a nursery and she had decided she wanted this one to be the nursery. It was a large room -- and it was right next to their bedroom. It also helped that the room was large enough to fit any amount of baby stuff in -- she knew her husband and boyfriend very well -- and so could the current bed. After all, there would probably be some nights that the baby wouldn't sleep and she'd to be with her without waking up the guys.

She had to admit that she was feeling a lot better about things now that the guys knew about the baby. It didn't stop her from worrying, but it had made her a little more relaxed.

Of course, the notebook might call into question her relaxation since she had started making notes on things that needed to happen weekly and monthly before the baby arrived.

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