Nov. 15th, 2008

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This was probably not one of Phoebe's better ideas. She meant well, and you know how that saying goes about hearts being in the right places? Yeah, that was what this one was, and why it was destined to be a disaster -- even if nobody was about to say that to Phoebe.

Piper had come over earlier to help with the cooking and the dining room table was beautifully set. Phoebe had caved to the boys' fussing and she had spent a great deal of time sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace with her feet up.

Soon though, everything had been done and now they were just waiting for their dinner guests.

It hadn't occured to Phoebe that this cold go very badly. She really was trying to make things easier for her friend by being welcoming to her fiance -- even if she disagreed with the choice of fiance.

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The headache had started halfway through the dinner party.

By the time the fight was done, people gone and the kitchen and dining room cleaned, Phoebe's head was literally throbbing. She was pretty sure her head was trying to detatch itself from her body.

Leaving the guys to finish up downstairs, Phoebe made her way slowly up the stairs and into the master bedroom. She changed into something much more comfortable and then lay diagonally across the bed.

The dinner party had been a disaster -- and she wanted to beat the hell out of her nephew for the way he had acted. She felt bad for Isabel and was trying to figure out how to make it up to her.

Or, she would figure out that later -- after the headache was gone.

Being an empath sucked sometimes.

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