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Phoebe had been on bed rest and under house arrest all day. Even though she had been worried about where Cole had gone last night, she didn't have the energy to argue with her concerned house mates and loved ones about her trying to leave the house.

That, and Aziraphale had said she needed rest -- and she had promised Anders that she wouldn't go anywhere alone right now.

That few weeks had been hell, and it had made her think a lot about happier times -- like when they were all in high school and didn't know what the world would do to them.

Cole. Anders. Lana. Marie. Piper. Her.

With the exception of Marie, high school had been so much better for them all than a lot of things the world had done to them afterwards. She couldn't express how glad she was that Marie had been able to get something she wanted -- a normal life without her powers. For the rest of them, though, things didn't seem to have ended happily for them.

Phoebe climbed out of bed when Anders went to get tea for her and went to her bookcase. She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed.

She retrieved her yearbook from her senior year and then climbed back into bed. )

Phoebe sighed and flipped to the picture of her, Lana and Marie hanging out and laughing at Selkie Cove. They were so happy then. She ran her fingers over the couplet memory she had written by that picture of her to best friends.

High school days and high school friends
let us always remember when

She read it out loud, trying to remember when she wrote it. She ran her fingers over it again and closed the yearbook.

Sometimes high school was so much happier.

She put the yearbook in the nightstand next to her side of the bed.


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