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This was probably not one of Phoebe's better ideas. She meant well, and you know how that saying goes about hearts being in the right places? Yeah, that was what this one was, and why it was destined to be a disaster -- even if nobody was about to say that to Phoebe.

Piper had come over earlier to help with the cooking and the dining room table was beautifully set. Phoebe had caved to the boys' fussing and she had spent a great deal of time sitting in one of the chairs by the fireplace with her feet up.

Soon though, everything had been done and now they were just waiting for their dinner guests.

It hadn't occured to Phoebe that this cold go very badly. She really was trying to make things easier for her friend by being welcoming to her fiance -- even if she disagreed with the choice of fiance.

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Phoebe was a stressed wreck. Cole and Anders kept trying to get her to sit and rest, but there was no way she could.

Piper was missing!

Paige and Savannah had come over last night and told her that Piper was missing. They had searched the house, the Coven and every other place they could think of to look, but there had been no sign of her sister.

"We have to figure out what happened," Phoebe told the group as she reached for the Book of Shadows. "We have to find --" As her hands closed around the book, Phoebe gasped, her body tensing.

Premonitions )

Phoebe came out of the premonition with a shocked cry.

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After her class, Phoebe had been brought right back home, where she made a promised phone call, and then went into the kitchen to make tea. She was still shook up over what had happened, and she hoped that her big brother would be able to calm the rage and the concern of Cole and Anders.

She still didn't understand why the attacker had tried to... seduce her instead of killing her, but Cole and Anders were angry about it beyond her ability to reason it out.

That would be why she was sitting on the couch in the library, with a blanket wrapped around her and an athame beneath the cushion next to her.

You just don't argue with the boys when they are angry and in fussing mode.

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Phoebe had found what she thought was the perfect building for her shop. However, she had stayed there too late and now found herself hurrying down the road to get to work.

Yes, it was dark, and yes she had her cellphone, but she didn't want to call Cole and worry him over being in an empty building for so long.

She was going to be late for work.

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On Thursday morning, Phoebe opened her eyes and almost immediately wished she hadn't. With a soft whimper, she not only closed her eyes, she tried to smother herself with the blankets and pillows.


It had been inevitable that she would get a migraine soon. After all there had been so many things happening that had affected both her own emotions and her empathy: worry about saving Cole, Lana and Dean, Lana disappearing, house hunting, worry about Cole, not sleeping or eating right because she had been worried...

It all ended up mixing together to cause one hell of an empathy migraine... one that had her eyes filling with tears even now. She tried once more to get up, but the pain that shot through her head dictated that perhaps she should just try to lay there in one place without moving.

But she was thirsty... and she needed the painkillers for this -- or else she was going to spend an awful lot of time clutching her head and crying. Tea and some toast might help, too.

"Anders..." she whispered, hoping he was still in the bed or somewhere in the room. She was afraid to raise her voice because she was positive that if she did, her skull would split in two. "Anders..."

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After briefly talking to Piper, Phoebe headed upstairs to her bedroom. Once she and Anders were both inside, she turned and fixed him with a look.

"What aren't you telling me?"
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Phoebe opened her eyes Monday morning and made a frowny face.

"No classes today," she mumbled, pulling the covers over her head and snuggling closer to the warm body in her bed. "Make the light go away," she said, poking lightly at the nearest body part.

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Even though she had steadfastly vowed to never let down her guard or go to sleep again, Phoebe found that she was only able to stay awake for so long before shock and exhaustion wiped her out. Thinking that she would just close her eyes for a half hour nap, Phoebe had curled up in the middle of her large bed. It wasn't long until she was in a deep, but restless sleep.

The nightmares started almost immediately.

Phoebe tossed and turned in her sleep as the nightmares wrapped around her and seemed so real.

They were nightmares of losing Cole, of the vanquish and of searching the Wastelands over and over again, trying to find him to no avail...

...those dreams soon became intertwined with the stalker and the traumatic events that had been happening lately.

"Cole," she whimpered. "Cole..."

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After the events of the night, Phoebe hadn't managed to get any rest until Anders had convinced her to take some of the pain medication that the clinic had sent home with her. She might have tried to argue with him, but her physical pain coupled with all of the emotional drain caused her to give in without argument.

She had collapsed into a dreamless sleep and had only woken up once -- late afternoon when Anders left the bed, promising her that he would check in on her later but that he had a few things to do.

Now, though, it was evening and Phoebe was awake and laying on her side, staring at her busted window from the relative comfort of her bed.

Marie had noticed the broken window... )

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